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unnamed (21)

We were just about half way through a long day of shopping when we arrived at the Kay Unger showroom to see the fall and holiday cocktail collections. 

I love to save my favorites showrooms for late in the day…

It is a shiny and sophisticated collection. Each delivery has a jacket and dress combination that I love.

The colors are rich!

You can imagine yourself attending a wedding or a holiday party (feeling splendid I might add)…

In the same room the design team assembled next to us. They were pinning the final ribbons on an electric blue dress as the design captain stood and reviewed.

Soon 6 young women assembled and began to line the walls with finished dresses for late holiday and resort deliveries.

The team reviewed each dress… commenting on price and accoutrements. “Does this need a sparkle button? Is the belt too much with the rhinestone buckle?”

I turned to see the collection and listen the to conversation.

“Say,” the designer inquired, “do you think this needs the feathers?” He pointed to a darling fluffy black and white dress. “You’re a buyer what do you think?”

I replied “I love the feathers! It make the dress irresistible.”

“Really…” He replied.

A younger designer turned and smiled at me. “Thanks! That one’s mine.”

“So..” He continued. “What is your favorite dress here?”

“The feather one is great, the blue on the mannequin I love as well. That one there needs more black feathers, I can’t really see those small white ones.”

“Great. Thanks!” the man replied.

I felt like I was spying on something wondrous almost magical. The beginning of a dress.

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